This site contains information related to the Iraqi libraries and may be used by librarians over the whole country. The main goals of the present web site is to rehabilitate library services in Iraq. Digital library with its main advanced features are to be made available in this site together with other facilities such as training for librarians, information about Iraqi libraries, statistics, reports, news and some other useful library and information services.
This site has been created by Iraqi librarians for Iraqi librarians in an effort to help Iraqi academic and scientific community.
It has been a truly collaborative process together with the Goethe Institut (Germany's cultural institution), Bielefeld University Library (in Germany), Library & Information International (BII) and some other partners.
A great achievement on the way to financial support and supply of the most important electronically based articles such as e-journal, e-books and other library materials!
Further steps are to be followed later concerning the digitisation of some important collections in Iraqi libraries to make them available to different users.

The present web site is at its initial development stage. It is not completed yet. We encourage you to contribute any idea or contents!